White Conduit Pipe EMT, 3/4 inch Panasonic

SKU : EE-OE-130

  • Panasonic White Conduit, produced from high quality iron, under high frequency electrical induction melting to prevent breaks when twisted and bent
  • High quality epoxy resin coating the inside surface enables easy wire pulling and helps preventing corrosion as well.
  • With sharp and precisely machine-cut threads, it means easy and fast installation. Precisely machine-cut threads also enable tight connection with no water seeping in.
  • With outside surface coated with pure zinc and inside surface lightly coated with epoxy resin, it helps protect WHITE CONDUIT against corrosion, even when exposed to chemicals or sea air.
  • Sheet iron is rolled, coated with zinc and threaded, under a continuous automated process, so that every piece has equal high quality.

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