How to Order

Please upload bank transfer slip after payment has been made to confirm the order. Slip can be uploaded in "Inform Payment" Menu.

VDO How to Order 

Ordering Process

1. Select products and  "add to cart"

2. When you are done selecting products, click "View cart"

3. If you want to add more products, click  "Continue shopping"

4. Confirm your order by clicking "Place order"

5. Login window will show up ( for members )

6. If you are not a member yet, you can choose whether to "Apply for membership or Order as a guest"

7. Fill in address for delivery.

** Note: Information cannot be edited after submitting **

8. Press to choose delivery.

9. Please inform payment and"Please attach a proof of payment/transfer slip." and "payment notification" for the order to be confirmed

10. After payment notification, you can track order using order number and registered E-mail at the menu "Track order status"

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